Is it Safe to Use Sand for Your Lawn?

Adding thin sand layers over the grass on golf courses is common practice. Such practice is referred to as top dressing that helps in the management of thatch. It is actually a part of the routine maintenance of golf courses.  

Sand may also be used in lawn areas to level out low spots. A common question about gardening is if it’s safe to use sand for gardens. If not don’t right, top dressing your garden in the sand can be more harmful instead of being helpful. Sand must be used only by professionals to level out the lower areas of a lagoon, cover tree roots that are exposed, and repair the build-up of heavy thatch. It is also advised that you dress it using sand instead of clay if you’re using a warm, solid compost.  

Using Sand on Gardens  

The use of layers of sand on lawns each year cause the lawns to become less fertile. For all you know, the golf course may be constructed on sandy soils and advanced turf grasses that are used on the greens that can flourish under sandy conditions.  

The seeds of grass and turf on your garden isn’t similar to of the golf course. Golf courses actually require higher maintenance than a typical garden. For example, you’ll have to deal with fertilization and drainage issues like they usually do to address sand deficiencies.  

Should You Put Sand on Your Lawn?  

Most homeowners make a common error by too aggressively or unfairly propagating sand for the lawns. This could leave hideous sand globs around the lawn as the grass practically chokes under the huge sand mounds. Only thin layers of sand must be spread uniformly across the whole lawn while it is being dressed. The same goes true with any other material you may want to use.  

A lot of people also mistake using sanded top dressing instead of patched clay soil. That is probably the worst one can do, because sand does not remove the soil from the ground. Rather, it transforms into a concrete surface. The most fitting description of soil particles in clay is they’re like card decks, spread out into messy piles.  

If you’re to add water to the sand, it would immediately dry out and won’t penetrate the soil. Particular clay soil is hard but smooth. Lay it carefully on the top so that water can still penetrate. When you put in smaller or larger sand particles, it slows the clay down. It renders them impenetrable with nutrients and water. It’s important for this purpose not to use sand to dress up clay soil. Use a nice and good compost instead. 

Get Landscaping Help  

If you need more help with landscaping, it is best that you consult with professionals that offer affordable lawn mowing services in Westchester New York. They’ll be able to help you with a lot of things about your lawn, and not just about its grass and how to maintain it. With the help of the professionals, taking care of your garden becomes easier.